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BAMA Casino Company Montgomery Alabama

Rent Casino Tables in Huntsville, Alabama

Experience the excitement of Las Vegas in Huntsville, Alabama with BAMA Casino Company, your top choice for casino night parties and table rentals. Elevate your event with our wide selection of high-quality casino tables, ensuring a professional and authentic atmosphere. Whether it's a corporate event, fundraiser, or private party, our experienced dealers and top-notch equipment guarantee an unforgettable experience. Choose BAMA Casino Company for a successful and memorable event, and bring the thrill of the casino to your doorstep.

Casino Rental Packages in Huntsville

We offer poker, roulette, craps, and blackjack games for anywhere from 7 to 2000 guests!

Choose a package based on the size of your event and the games you want to play. 

Small Packages by Table Count

Coming Soon...

Hey Huntsville!

We are currently searching for office warehouse space in the Huntsville area.

Our nearest warehouse is in Birmingham, but due to the number of events we currently have on our calendar, we have decided to get a brick and mortar location in North Alabama!

As an offer to new Huntsville clients, we are dedicated to you and want to offer all Huntsville events no setup or travel fees from our Birmingham Warehouse.

How Casino Events Work

Starting Off

Each person will get $500 in funny money or poker chips. They will play the tables and "win" or "lose" their chips.

Then at end of table open time, they will cash in and get 1 ticket for each "UP TO" $500.00


$300 rounds up to $500 = 1 ticket

$700 rounds up to $1,000 = 2 tickets


Prizes can be anything you want to give away. Some events give away $5 - $500 gift cards. Some events give away iPads, trips TV's etc.

TIP:  Work with local businesses to donate prizes as a sponsor for vendors and suppliers for your business. 

We Do NOT supply any prizes.

Prize Distribution

You can have one fishbowl for all the tickets or you can have multiple fishbowls and have on bowl in front of each prize

The multiple fishbowls allow guest to try and win a specific prize.

We're happy to make customized "Funny Money" for your event! This is the perfect place to have funny money with a sponsor's logo.

We highly suggest to not give prizes to the top winners with the most money and to use the ticket system. We've seen this become a popularity contest and it delays prize giveaways because people start giving others their chips and it makes the count take much longer.


Huntsville, AL Venues and Planning Tips for Casino Parties

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