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Cheers to Casino Night: A Guide to Refreshing Drinks for Your Party

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What drinks should I serve at a casino night party? Are you planning a casino night party and wondering what drinks to serve to keep your guests entertained and refreshed? In this blog post, we'll explore a variety of drink options that are perfect for a casino-themed event, from classic cocktails to creative mocktails. Whether you're hosting a blackjack bash or a roulette rendezvous, we've got you covered with all the drink inspiration you need to make your party a hit.

Classic Cocktails: Start the night off with a touch of sophistication by serving classic cocktails like martinis, cosmopolitans, and old fashioneds. These timeless drinks are sure to impress your guests and set the tone for an elegant evening of gaming and celebration. Check out these 24 Classic Cocktails that are a sure favorite and their recipes.

Mocktails for Everyone: Don't forget about guests who prefer non-alcoholic options! Offer a selection of mocktails such as virgin mojitos, Shirley Temples, and fruity spritzers to ensure that everyone can enjoy a refreshing beverage while socializing and gaming. Food Network got us a full collection of mocktail recipes that are both refreshing and sophisticated.

Champagne and Sparkling Wine: Add a touch of glamour to your casino night party with champagne or sparkling wine. Pop open a bottle of bubbly for a toast to the occasion or set up a champagne cocktail bar with mixers and garnishes for a customizable drink experience.

Beer and Wine Selection: Keep it simple with a selection of beer and wine options to suit different tastes. Offer a variety of beer styles, including lagers, ales, and IPAs, as well as red, white, and sparkling wines to complement the menu.

Whiskey and Bourbon Tasting: Elevate the experience with a whiskey or bourbon tasting station where guests can sample different varieties and learn about the nuances of each spirit. Provide tasting notes and pairing suggestions to enhance the experience for aficionados and novices alike.

Signature Casino Cocktails: Get creative and craft signature cocktails inspired by popular casino games or themes. From a "Blackjack Martini" to a "Roulette Red" cocktail, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating themed drinks that reflect the spirit of your party. Dine With Drinks features a curated list of the best Vegas-themed cocktails here.

Coffee and Tea Options: Keep the party going with coffee and tea options for guests who prefer non-alcoholic or caffeine-free beverages. Set up a coffee bar with flavored syrups, whipped cream, and other toppings for a customizable coffee experience.

Hydration Station: Don't forget to provide plenty of water and soft drinks to keep guests hydrated throughout the evening. Consider offering flavored water or infused water stations for a refreshing twist and a fun way to stay hydrated while gaming.

With this guide to refreshing drinks for your casino night party, you'll be well-equipped to create an unforgettable experience for your guests. Cheers to a successful event filled with fun, laughter, and good times!

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Danny Brewer, President and CEO of Feel The Beat Entertainment and owner of BAMA Casino Company, brings over 30 years of experience in entertainment. He oversees teams that specialize in premium casino entertainment and top-tier customer service. His ventures, including Feel The Beat Entertainment and Cool Shots Photo Booth, cater to a diverse array of events from corporate to private parties. Renowned in the industry, Brewer is a speaker at trade shows and sets high standards for clients across various scales.


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