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Immerse in Nature’s Harmony: Coldwater Gardens - The Idyllic Destination for Corporate Retreats

Coldwater Gardens

Welcome to Coldwater Gardens, a sanctuary of tranquility and natural beauty, perfectly tailored for hosting corporate retreats that leave lasting impressions. Nestled in Milton, Florida, this eco-resort spans across 385 acres of lush pine forest and cypress swamps, adjacent to the serene Coldwater Creek​​. At Coldwater Gardens, the focus is not just on providing a venue, but on creating an environment that fosters education, recreation, and a deeper exploration of nature and sustainable practices​.

Why Choose Coldwater Gardens for Your Next Event?

Coldwater Gardens

Coldwater Gardens, renowned for its lush landscapes and eco-friendly accommodations, offers a retreat experience unlike any other. Imagine hosting your event surrounded by the calming sights and sounds of nature. It's an ideal location for those looking to create an immersive and memorable experience for their guests. With various accommodation options, Coldwater Gardens caters to groups of different sizes, ensuring comfort and privacy.

Reconnect with Nature: The resort's extensive network of trails and private sandbars along Coldwater Creek provide the perfect setting for relaxation and team-building activities. With over 7 miles of hiking and biking trails, and beautiful sandbar beaches, your team can unwind and connect in an unparalleled natural setting​​.

Eco-Friendly and Educational: As an eco-resort, Coldwater Gardens places a strong emphasis on sustainability and education. This aspect of the venue adds a unique dimension to corporate retreats, offering opportunities for teams to engage in learning about eco-friendly practices and agritourism, enhancing the overall experience​​​​.

A Versatile Retreat Experience: Whether your corporate retreat aims to focus on strategic planning, team bonding, or simply unwinding in a peaceful setting, Coldwater Gardens provides the versatility and serenity to meet those needs. The natural surroundings inspire creativity, promote well-being, and encourage a sense of community among attendees.

In the heart of Florida's Panhandle, Coldwater Gardens stands as an idyllic retreat destination, offering a blend of natural beauty, tranquility, and a commitment to sustainability. It's a place where corporate groups can escape the hustle of everyday business life, immerse themselves in nature, and foster stronger connections.

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Danny Brewer

Danny Brewer, President and CEO of Feel The Beat Entertainment and owner of BAMA Casino Company, brings over 30 years of experience in entertainment. He oversees teams that specialize in premium casino entertainment and top-tier customer service. His ventures, including Feel The Beat Entertainment and Cool Shots Photo Booth, cater to a diverse array of events from corporate to private parties. Renowned in the industry, Brewer is a speaker at trade shows and sets high standards for clients across various scales.


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