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Dressing the Part – What to Wear to a Casino Party

Casino party guests dressed up at a roulette table at a BAMA Casino Company event

Danny Brewer

Hey there! Danny Brewer here, the owner of BAMA Casino Company, and I'm here to help you tackle one of the most exciting aspects of a casino party—deciding what to wear!

Whether you're attending a corporate casino night, a fundraiser, or a private casino-themed celebration, I've got you covered with some tips on how to dress the part and make a grand entrance.

Understanding the Casino Party Vibe

First things first, let's get into the spirit of a casino party. These events are all about recreating the glitz and glamour of a real casino without the actual gambling. So, when it comes to your attire, think elegant, sophisticated, and a touch of playful casino-themed flair.

For the Gents
  1. Sharp Suit: You can't go wrong with a well-fitted suit. Classic black is always a winner, but don't be afraid to experiment with deep, rich colors like navy, burgundy, or even a subtle pattern.

  2. Crisp Dress Shirt: Pair your suit with a crisp, clean dress shirt. A classic white shirt is timeless, but jewel-toned or pastel shades can add a dash of personality.

  3. Dress Shoes: Complete your look with polished dress shoes. Black or brown leather is the way to go. Make sure they're comfortable for a night of gaming and mingling.

  4. Casino-Themed Accessories: Consider adding a touch of casino-themed flair with cufflinks featuring playing card suits or a tie with subtle casino motifs. It's a playful way to embrace the theme.

For the Ladies
  1. Elegant Dress: A classic cocktail dress is a go-to option. Opt for a silhouette that flatters your figure and choose rich, deep colors or sequined options for added glamour.

  2. Statement Jewelry: Casino parties are the perfect occasion to showcase your favorite statement jewelry. Think bold necklaces, chandelier earrings, or a glitzy cocktail ring.

  3. High Heels: Elevate your look with a pair of high heels. They not only add sophistication but also help elongate your silhouette.

  4. Clutch Bag: Choose a stylish clutch bag to hold your essentials. Look for one that complements your dress and adds a touch of elegance.

  5. Casino-Themed Details: Consider incorporating casino-themed details into your outfit, like a clutch with a playing card design or a subtle roulette wheel pattern on your dress.

Dress Codes for Specific Casino Themes

If the casino party has a specific theme, like a James Bond-inspired soirée or a retro '80s casino, tailor your outfit to match.

For example, for a James Bond theme, think sleek tuxedos and glamorous evening gowns. For the '80s, embrace bold colors, shoulder pads, and retro accessories.


In a nutshell, dressing for a casino party is all about embracing the theme while adding your personal style. Whether you opt for classic elegance or playful casino-inspired elements, the key is to feel comfortable and confident so you can fully enjoy the night of high-stakes entertainment.

So, next time you receive an invitation to a casino party, take a cue from these tips, dress to impress, and get ready to roll the dice and enjoy a memorable evening of gaming and socializing.

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