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How Does a Casino Party Work?

Casino party guests dancing with dealers around a craps table

Danny Brewer

Hey there, party enthusiasts! If you're curious about how a casino party works, you're in the right place. I'm Danny Brewer, the owner of BAMA Casino Company, and I'm here to walk you through the exciting dynamics of hosting a casino-themed event.

So, let's dive into the details and uncover how a casino party brings the thrill of the casino to your celebration.

1. Getting Started
  • Funny Money and Poker Chips: To kick off the fun, each guest who wishes to play at the gaming tables receives $500 in "funny money" or poker chips. These chips are the currency of the evening, and guests will use them to try their luck at the various casino games at your event.

2. Gaming and Winnings
  • Playing the Tables: You get to can choose from a variety of classic casino games you would like at your party, including blackjack, poker, roulette, and more. Your guests will enjoy the excitement of these games without the risk of losing real money.

  • Winning and Losing: As the games progress, guests will experience the ups and downs of casino gaming. They may "win" big or have moments of "losing" their chips. It's all part of the casino experience.

3. Cashing In and Earning Tickets
  • Cashing Out: At the end of the table open time, guests cash in their remaining chips. For every "up to" $500 in chips, they receive one ticket.

  • Example: If a guest has $300 in chips, it rounds up to $500, earning them one ticket. If they have $700 in chips, it rounds up to $1,000, earning them two tickets.

4. Prizes and Giveaways

  • Diverse Prizes: Casino parties offer the flexibility to choose a wide range of prizes to give away. These prizes can include anything from $5 to $500 gift cards to bigger items like iPads, trips, or TVs.

  • Prize Sponsors: Consider working with local businesses to sponsor or donate prizes. This collaboration can enhance the event and provide opportunities for local businesses to get involved.

5. Prize Distribution
  • Fishbowls: You can organize the prize distribution with fishbowls. You can have one central fishbowl for all the tickets or multiple fishbowls, each corresponding to a specific prize. Multiple fishbowls allow guests to try their luck at winning their preferred prizes.

6. "Funny Money" Sponsorship
  • Custom "Funny Money": You can add a unique touch to your casino party by creating custom "funny money" with your event's logo or even partnering with a sponsor to have their logo put on the chips. It adds a fun and personalized element to the gaming experience, as well as a fundraising opportunity.

7. Fair Play and Top Winners
  • Encouraging Fair Play: To ensure fairness, it's advisable not to award prizes solely to the guests with the most money at the end of the night. This can sometimes lead to popularity contests due to people giving their chips away and it can cause delays in prize giveaways.

  • No Additional Advantage: Emphasize that no extra money can be collected and additional chips cannot be bought to gain an unfair advantage in winning prizes.

A casino party is a fantastic way to infuse excitement into any celebration. It offers a unique and engaging experience where guests can enjoy the thrill of casino gaming without the financial risks.

With funny money, diverse prize options, and creative prize distribution methods, a casino-themed event becomes a memorable and entertaining affair for everyone involved. So, if you're considering hosting one, get ready to roll the dice on fun!

Until next time, keep the good times rolling!

Best regards,

Danny Brewer

Owner of BAMA Casino Company


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