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Raising the Stakes for Philanthropy: Casino Parties with BAMA Casino Company

sorority sisters dressed in black holding up blackjack cards

Hello to all fraternity and sorority officers on campuses across Tuscaloosa, Auburn, Oxford, Athens, Knoxville, and Starkville. If you're in search of a unique and memorable approach to philanthropy and fundraising, then look no further. Today we're going to tell you how to host the most thrilling Casino Party that will leave your guests with memories they won't forget!

As autumn leaves start to fall or spring flowers begin to bloom, the allure of a dynamic, exciting event sweeps across campuses. And BAMA Casino Company is ready to help you craft the ultimate casino party experience.

A Full House of Entertainment

From the rolling of dice in Craps to the flip of a card in Blackjack, or the spin of the Roulette wheel to the face-off at the Poker table, a Casino Party offers a fun-filled evening for everyone. And let's not forget the spinning Money Wheel – a crowd-pleaser sure to inject extra excitement.

Yet, the offerings of a BAMA Casino Company event extend beyond the gaming tables. Our comprehensive service includes atmospheric decor and captivating uplighting to transform your space, evoking the glamor and excitement of Las Vegas without leaving your college town.

Beyond the Tables: Party Extras

But what's a party without music and photos? To keep the energy high and create a vibrant party atmosphere, our Casino Party DJ is at your service. Our DJs know just how to read a crowd and keep everyone on their feet.

Don't forget the Photo Booths – they're not just a great way to capture memories, but they also provide an interactive element that guests absolutely love. Your friends will enjoy posing with props, and of course, sharing their snapshots on social media – generating buzz for your fraternity or sorority and your cause.

Bet on Success: Casino Parties as Fundraisers

Hosting a Casino Party isn't just about the fun. It's an innovative way to gather your fraternity or sorority members for a good cause. Whether you're raising funds for charity or contributing to your own chapter, a Casino Party presents an opportunity to do good while enjoying an unforgettable evening. After all, philanthropy should never be boring!


From Tuscaloosa to Auburn, Oxford to Athens, Knoxville to Starkville, BAMA Casino Company is ready to bring the excitement of a Casino Party to your college campus. With our top-tier games, atmospheric decor, captivating music, and fun photo booths, we’re ready to make your next fundraising event the talk of the town.

Let's start planning your Casino Party today, where philanthropy meets entertainment for a cause worth betting on! Philanthropy: Casino Parties with BAMA Casino Company! #BAMACasinoParty


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